Fenpropathrin 10% EC


Non – systemic Insecticide/ Acaricide with Contact, Ingestion & Repellency Effect.

Mode of Action:

Fenpropathrin is a pyrethroid Insecticide. It is used to control of many species of mites (except rust mites, Aphids (apple, wooly apple, rose), Beet armyworm, mealy bug (including immature stages of citrus mealy bug), potato leafhopper, San Jose scale (crawlers, Japanese Beetle, spotted tent form leaf miner, thrips, Pandemic moth, codling moth, leaf rollers, southern red pine, lace bugs on pome fruit, citrus fruit, vine, hops and vegetables, ornamentals, cotton, field crops.

Chemical group:


Toxicological information:



Product Name pest Dosage
Cold climate  fruit trees European red mite 2 liters per thousand liters of water