Ethion® 47% EC Polychem

Common name: Ethion®

Classification: Insecticide

Chemical group: Organophosphate

Chemical structure:

Registered formula: Emulsifiable Concentrate

Trade name: Polychem Ethion® 47% EC

Applications and Recommendations:

Corp Pest Pest pic Application rate
Cold climate fruit trees and Citrus Diaspididae and Scale insect

1.5 to 2 per hectare

Application: apply 1.5 to 2 liters per hectare when trees are in winter rest with emulsion oil (Volck 92) to remove insect reptiles and mites and Mealybug. Except in some types of apple, It does not have any plant burn effect.

Toxicity class WHO: Ib

Acute oral LD50 for rats : 208 mg/kg

IRAC: IbEthion® polychem  should be used by the herbalist prescription and only in the above cases.

It is not recommended for other crops and related pests.