Dichlorvos 50% EC


Insecticide with Contact, Stomach & Fumigant Action

Mode of Action:

Dichlorvos is a organophosphate, widely used as an insecticide to control household pests, in public health and protecting stored product from insects. It is effective against mushroom flies, aphids, spider mites, caterpillars, thrips, and whiteflies in greenhouse, outdoor fruit, and vegetable crops. It is also used in the milling and grain handling industries and to treat a variety of parasitic worm infections in dogs, livestock, and humans. It is fed to livestock to control bot fly larvae in the manure.

Chemical group:


Toxicological information:

Acute oral LD50 for rats=50 mg/kg.


Cholinesterase inhibitor


Crops Pests Doses
Fruit trees Aphid- thrip & Whitefly 1. 2 L/ 1000L
Vegetables 0.5-2 L/ha
Greenhouses 8 ml/100 cc
Tea 0.5 liters per  hectare