Deltamethrin 2.5% EC


Non- systemic Insecticide with Contact & Stomach Action

Mode of Action:

Deltamethrin is a pyrethroid & broad-spectrum insecticide. Deltamethrin is registered for use on various crops including cotton, corn, cereals, soybeans, and vegetables for pests such as mites, ants, weevils, and beetles. Deltamethrin is used outdoors on lawns, ornamental gardens, golf courses, and indoors as a spot or crack and crevice treatment.

Chemical group:


Toxicological information:

Acute oral LD50 for rats= 135-5000 mg/kg.


Like all Pyrethroid, prevent the sodium channel from functioning, so that no transmission of nerve impulses: can take place


Crops Pests Doses
Sugar beet Prodonia 1 L/ha
Fruit trees Rounded spot leaf miner 0.5 L/1000 liters water
Cereal Bugs 300 cc/ha