Butachlor 60% EC


Systemic & Selective Herbicide in Rice Fields

Mode of Action:

Butachlor is a chloroacetamide, selective and systemic herbicide, absorbed primarily by the germinating shoots, and secondarily by the roots, with translocation throughout the plant, giving higher concentrations in vegetative parts than in reproductive parts. Used pre-emergence for the control of annual grasses and certain broad-leaved weeds in rice, both seeded and transplanted. It shows selectivity in barley, cotton, peanuts, sugar beet, wheat and several brassica crops.

Chemical group:


Toxicological information:

Acute oral LD 50 for rats =2000 mg/kg


No definitive mode of action is known at the molecular level. Reported to inhibit cell division, by blocking protein synthesis.it is reported that chloroacetamides inhibit synthesis of very long chain fatty acids


It is used to confront with annual grasses and some broadleaf weeds in rice field. Some weeds which can be controlled in rice field are including: water plantain ‎(Alisma plantago), chicken panic grass (Echinochloa crus-galli), nutsedge (Cyperus ‎esculentus), arrowhead (Sagittaria trifolia),etc. 2-3 days after seedling, when panic grass get 2 leaves, use butachlor at 3-4 L in rice field as you are shaking salt. Certain that water cover panic grass during the spray.

Product Name Weed Dosage Time
Rice annual grass weeds and some broadleaf weeds, before grow in direct seeding or transplanting paddy fields 3 to 4 lit per hectare 4 to 7 days after transplanting and before the 2 leaf stage of  barnyard grass