Copper oxychloride 35% WP


Contact Fungicide & Bactericide with Protective Action

Mode of Action:

Copper Oxychloride is a foliar fungicide with contact, preventive action. Deposits must be on the crop before fungal spores begin to germinate. It is a inorganic fungicide for the control of various fungus and bacterial diseases such as Black Spot of pears, Brown Rot, Leaf Curl, Freckle, Shot Hole and Rust of Stone Fruit, Late and Early Blight of Tomatoes and Potatoes and certain diseases of Citrus, Celery, Ornamentals and Grapes in the home garden.

Chemical group:


Toxicological information:

Acute oral LD 50 for rats= 2142 mg/kg


Copper ions are thought to be passively absorbed by fungal and bacterial spores as they grow. Once absorbed, Copper is though to disrupt the enzyme system of the pathogenic organisms.


Copper is used on numerous crops such sugar beets, potatoes, tomatoes, carrot, celery and on stone, pome and citrus fruits against various fungal and bacterial diseases.

Dosage Disease Product Name
3 kg per thousand liters of water Peach leaf curl &  Mummy Cold climate fruit trees
Slush1% Gummosis Citrus
2 kg per thousand liters of water Inflorescence rot Palm trees
1 to 2 kg per hectare Downy mildew Vegetables and kitchen garden
3 kg per thousand liters of water Downy mildew Tomatoes and potatoes