Fenpyroximate Aria 5% SC


Non-systemic Acaricide with Contact Action

Mode of Action:

Quick knock down activity against larvae, nymphs and adults, mainly by contact and ingestion. Also some mounts inhibitory activity on nymphs as well as prevent oviposition of female. Fenpyroximate is a pyrazole acaricide/ miticide; Insecticides uses control of important phytophagous mites. Effective against Tetranychidae (spider mites), Tearsonemidae, Tenuipalpidae(false spider mites) and Eriophyidae in citrus, apples, pears, peaches, grapes.

Chemical group:


Toxicological information:

Acute oral LD50 for Rats= 6789-7193 mg/kg


Inhibits mitochondrial electron transport at complex l.


It can control important phytophagous mites, Effective against Spider mites, European mites and Yellow mites in citrus, apple, pears, peaches, grapes, etc. Avoid using Fenpyroximate consecutively in one growing season because it may cause resistance. It’s used at 0.5-1 L /1000L

Product Name Pest Dosage
Apple European red mite 0.5 liter per thousand liters of water
Citrus Red mite 0.5 liter per thousand liters of water against adult &nymphs
0.5 liter per thousand liters of water + 1% Emulsifiable oil against mite eggs