Azocyclotin 25% WP


Non-systemic Acaricide with Contact Action

Mode of Action:

Azocyclotin is an organotin contact acaricide effective against phytophagous mites. It uses for control of all motile stages of spider mites on fruit (including citrus), vines, hops, cotton, vegetables, and ornamentals and used for all mobile stages of Tetranychus and Panonychus on citrus, fruits, grapes, vegetables, hops, cotton, and ornamentals.

Chemical group:

organotin‏ ‏

Toxicological information:

Acute oral LD50 for rats: 363  mg/kg



Product Name Pest Dosage
Cold climate fruit trees European red mite 1kg per thousand liters of water
Citrus Citrus rust mite
Soybean Spider mite 0.5 kg per thousand liters of water
Fruit trees Two spotted mite Red mite